The Stroll - Great Spaces TV

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8 House x Bjarke Ingels Group (CPH, DK)

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8 House documentary on VOD

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Thanks for making it to the site! Join the #INVADERS club to get the "8 House" documentary now - click here: FILM  or  MEMBERSHIP Text me anytime on whatsapp: +1-917-600-0608 

Always include your email address so I can respond. The way texting works is simple. If you're in the #INVADERS group, I can respond by email because your email will show up in my address book. I ALWAYS respond to members. You can always call as well - I don't get a LOT of calls yet so ill be available. "Being connected in a real authentic way is the future."

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Cutting Out The Middle Man With A SuperNetwork

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Since the emergence of social media as a place for marketing a brand and connecting with fans, I felt the need to grow an active audience taking a step further. I've always talked about how we can find fans and connect with them on deeper level. I've gotten inspired from a few entrepreneurs over the internet. I've been trying to put together an online web series and as a result it's a bit difficult to tell who our real fans are.

Last year we created a membership called #Invaders, it's essentially a membership for those who want to financially support our design show Great Spaces. As a result, I found a few members as I put forth the effort to gain a small following. I then quit that model because I was paying 60 dollars a month and would only gain 20 dollars from the 10 dollar membership sign up. So..I felt this forfeited the complete control of a digital business, earning a mere fraction of the worth without any substantial equity in the relationships established.

These third party platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have unlimited access to the real-time trends, engagement metrics and performance reports that needs to be more developed on a deeper understanding of consumer behavior. There has to be a better way to engage fans, real fans. So I've decided to design a data driven online TV network based on a mobile-driven foundation.

With that said, I am interested in real people not just followers. Followers can give likes, shares and retweets. I am more interested in actually people going in their pockets to support we can email or text them to say thank you personally. As a creator, your fans are your lifeblood. This is the community that will allow us to do what we do. As an artist or influencer, your fans are your lifeblood. We are all entrepreneurs now, which means your network is your net worth. It's your supporters who will get you to the next level. The goal of every interaction with a fan or supporter is to make them a friend. Making sure that we build deeper relationships every step of the way.

Power houses like BBC that houses Top Gear, the most followed show on Facebook, the engagement for their platform on Facebook is under 10 % at 14 million fans. The reason is, when you have that many followers who can interact with you from anywhere, there’s only but so many people who can actually invest the time to follow what you’re posting. If Top Gear owned their audience and turned them into subscribers, does that mean they could become a behemoth like Nike? Now that these emerging platforms are giving brands the insights, tools and guidance for managing their own audience, they can make smarter business decisions. I want to make smarter business decisions. Top Gear can partner with the right influencer to make more calculated bets on where to allocate dollars to mix demographics that are perfect, connecting them with the goods and services they would like to promote. This is what makes me want to start my own SuperNetwork. Many others who face the same challenges of having a platform. Have a direct connection with every fan, so next time you have something to say, you can reach them through a text message. Leverage social networks, don't rely on them.

Send your comments and continue the conversation with @delaineisaac 
If you are a fan, developer or want to know more about the SuperNetwork feel free to contact me on Whatsapp: +18622413436 and text "SuperNetwork"

#HeLovesThe8 - 8 House Documentary Film Soundtrack Album

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I first met Dreamon on facebook a few years ago and wrote him about places to go in Oslo. He wrote me back and invited me out to a club called NOX. I wasnt aware of his musical talents at that moment, I just wanted to buddy to hang out with that I can relate to. After realizing his musical talents I asked if I can feature his songs on my new film "8 House" a documentary on a special building design by Bjarke Ingels Group. I felt Dreamon's sound was fast and cool! The song Collapse has toughness to it and sharp drops to get you in the mood while watching the documentary. Its just one of the many songs from the album. Ultimately, I needed a change of pace that was different from my friend Tim Timmi. 

If you like the music and want to show support feel free to donate and check out for updates on the documentary "8 House". 

#HeLovesThe8 - 8 House Documentary Film Soundtrack Album

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‘He Loves The 8’ is the first in a series of soundtrack albums to emerge from the mind of Delaine Isaac. Inspired by his time playing presenter on Great Spaces TV, Delaine called upon two artists for musical scores that's played in the documentary 8 House designed by Bjarke Ingels Group. Tim Timmi is a singer-songwriter and producer blending unique, blues-infused indie folk with soulful, heartfelt vocals to create an eclectic yet timeless new sound.  

The song Broken Folk is inspired by a failed romance. I asked Tim if I could use this song because I actually created Great Spaces because of a broken romance. The relationship ended and I was in a rut, I thought she was the love of my life. I needed a jolt in life because I wasn't thrilled to do the things I was always interested in whether it was playing basketball or watching a movie. So...I just started going out and filming spaces. I found peace and sense of purpose again. This is the reason I choose this song. Nothing like experiencing a majestic space while hearing some sweet vocals.

- Delaine Isaac


If you liked the music and want to contribute to the film but don't know how feel free to donate. There is a tab up top. The documentary film 8 House will be out in February. We will put a 2 min snippet of the film on YouTube and for those who want to see the 20-25 minute whole short film can contact us. It will be at a very, very affordable price.

Planetarium in Copenhagen, Denmark

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The Tycho Brahe Planetarium is located in CopenhagenDenmark, at the southern end of Skt. Jørgens Sø. It is named after astronomer Tycho Brahe. It was designed by MAA Knud Munk and opened on November 1, 1989.
The planetarium is built where the theater Saltlageret was previously located. The foundation stone was placed on February 22, 1988, and the planetarium opened on November 1, 1989. The financial basis for building the planetarium was a 50,000,000 DKK donation by Bodil and Helge Petersen to the Urania foundation, which administered the construction of the planetarium.
The planetarium has an IMAX theater, as well as a digital system which can show more than 10,000 stars. Before each show the guests are taken on a space journey using the new Digital Universe.

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Delaine Isaac

8 film on Indiegogo - #INVADINGTHE8

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​I just wrapped up filming my first special for Great Spaces in Copenhagen called, "8". It's based on an architectural space known as the 8 House design by famous architect Bjarke Ingels. This is a concrete thing already happening and the campaign gives me the opportunity to reach out to a broader audience. ​You can see a teaser and teaser trailer within the campaignNo amount should be too little. ​I encourage people to donate just ​two ​​dollarsAnd if you can’t donate at all I ​encourage you to repost the link instead on your social or spread it to people you think would feel the project!


Delaine Isaac

Bjarke Ingels Group x 8 House x Great Spaces 30 second trailer on Facebook

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So, what's it like to be in the 8 House?
Delaine Isaac visits one of Denmark's rarest buildings in the southern part of Copenhagen. Click to see the trailer here and click for pics here.

A star in a great space interview: Pascale Sablan

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Pascale Sablan (@Pascale Sablan), an accomplished architect and President of NYCOBA, graduated Magna Cum Laude from Pratt Institute with a Bachelor of Architecture and completed a Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design at Columbia University. Sablan’s professional career began and was nurtured at AARRIS Architects. She devoted four years to working on The African Burial Ground National Monument, the first black slavery monument of New York City. Pascale is now an Associate at FXFOWLE Architects, where she is a designer in the Urban Studio. She creates sustainable and dynamic architectural design in countries including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, India, Azerbaijan and Japan. Read more

Series 1 - Episode 2: Habitat 67 (Montreal, Canada) - Great Spaces

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Series 1 - Episode 1: Akrobaten Bridge (Oslo, Norway) - Great Spaces

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