A look at @4FreedomsPark in #NYC, one of Louis Kahn's last designs, reviewed by Oheri Otobo @greatspaces. Get the full first series episode HERE. See full article HERE.

Introducing “Potty-Girl x Archdaily,” The Architect of the Future?

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On Inspiration
“I look for inspiration (or opportunities) from people and places rather than looking for people and places to host my ideas.” 
Julia King        See more 

Sunglasses Made From Hemp and Flax Fibre Composite by Sam Whitten

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Sam Whitten has designed and manufactured ‘hemp eyewear’, sunglasses made from a hemp fibre composite. See More.

25 countries Photoshop Esther Honig to Make Her Beautiful

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Journalist Esther Honig asks 40 graphic artists from around the world to "make her beautiful". See More

One Thousand Museum by Zaha Hadid Architects

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Here are new images of Zaha Hadid Architects' proposed 215-metre-high residential skyscraper for Miami. See More

BIG Unveils Spiralling Museum for Swiss Watchmaker

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The Maison des Fondateurs will be located at Audemars Piguet's historic workshop complex in VallĂ©e de Joux, western Switzerland, where the company has been based since its establishment in 1875. Bjarke Ingels' firm will give the complex a new visitor attraction. See More

The Domino Sugar Factory's Beautiful Decline

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Ten Years after closing its doors, the Brooklyn Domino Sugar Refinery's Iconic forty-foot tall yellow sign is still legible along the waterfront, even from parts of Manhattan. See More