Walk around with your own Basic House

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Basic House x Martín Azúa More

This sheer size makes it cumbersome for threading down narrow streets. But in compensation, it's an immensely fine thing to behold. The proportions are flat, broad and low. And the designer has made the most of it by folding the surfaces beautifully and adding tasteful, lush detail.


Martin offers an alternative to the materialistic reality of today. Made from metalized polyester, the Basic House is a shelter small enough to fit in your pocket, allowing you to break away from the imprisonment of material ties.

 “Our habitat has turned into a space of consumption in which an unlimited number of products satisfy a series of needs created by complex systems and relations that are difficult to control. Cultures that maintain a more direct interaction with their environment show us that the idea of habitat can be understood in more essential and reasonable terms. Influenced by these ideas and using the most advanced technology, I came up with an almost immaterial house that self inflates with body heat or from the heat of the sun; so simple and versatile that it protects us from the cold and from the heat when reversed; so light that it floats; and moreover, it folds up and fits into your pocket. Ideal for a life on the move without material ties. Having everything without having almost anything.”

- Martin Azua


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