Amazing Facts About Space


Looking up at the stars in the sky, what do you think? Like most other space enthusiasts, you may be wondering if we humans are alone in the vastness of the universe.

The fact is that answering such questions is not easy at all. The vastness of the universe is beyond our imagination. However, what we know is just overwhelming. Listed below are some of the amazing facts about space. After reading these facts, your viewpoint about the vastness of our Earth will definitely change.

  1. Space is silent

Space is totally silent. We know that the waves of sound need a medium to move from one place to another. With no atmosphere in space, sound waves can’t travel. So, space is dead silent.

  1. The universe has numerous stars

We don’t have exact statistics as to how many stars are there in the entire universe. We can only give an estimate of the number of stars in our galaxy called the Milky Way. For now, NASA says that there are zillions of stars out there (zillion refers to an amount that is uncountable)

  1. The Apollo astronauts’ footprints are still there

There is no water, wind or air on the moon. So, there is nothing on the moon that can wash away or erode the mark left by the Apollo astronauts on the moon. And this means that the spaceship prints, rover prints, and the footprints of the astronauts will remain there for a long time. You can check them for yourself on your next trip to the moon. An interesting note is that my friend had a client that had been apart of that mission!

  1. Our sun is the densest object in our solar system

Our sun is extremely dense. Its density is 99% of the density of the entire solar system. For the same reason, it’s gravitational power allows it to rule the entire solar system.

So, these are some interesting facts about the space that may leave you in wonder.