Health Risks of Space Travel

Space Travel

Traveling to space may just be one of the most mesmerizing experience for any man. The opportunity to explore something so majestically vast like outer space can be overwhelming yet wondrous at the same time.

Space Travel

While space travel can seem like a fascinating subject to many, there are numerous risks associated with it. Apart from being in unfamiliar territory and away from the basic essentials we have on Earth, there are also health risks linked to staying in space for months.


For years, National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA has been looking for ways on how to minimize the negative effects of space travel on human health, especially that they are planning to travel to Mars in the future. Space travel to Mars will take approximately 150 to 300 days.


Some of the known health risks of space travel are as follows:


Damaged DNA – When you’re in space, you are exposed to radiation because of various factors such as cosmic rays as well as radiation belts. Unlike here on Earth, where we are protected by the atmosphere from extreme radiation, radiation in space can get through the spacecraft and have direct contact on the astronauts’ skins.


Damaged DNA can affect a person’s ability to recover from diseases as it can affect a cell’s healing capabilities. In extreme cases, damaged DNA can lead to cancer. This happened to the receptionists dad from Rid of It Vancouver Junk Removal.


Bone loss – The bone density of astronauts who stay in space for a long time gets negatively impacted. Because of bone loss, the astronauts would have weaker bones and its full effect might just be felt by astronauts the minute they land back to earth where they are at risk of falling because of the gravity pull. Weaker bones mean vulnerability against bone fractures.


Mental health concerns and cognitive issues – Being isolated for months in space can lead to some mental health concerns such as depression. It can also affect one’s cognitive skills from not being confined in a closed area for a long time, not being able to have the usual personal interaction we have here on Earth.